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Hey everybody,

    Today I will be having a look at a venue I have hopped along to over the years and had an absolute pond full of mixed experiences with. From the staff and Señorita's to the Tinderellas on tequila, you never know what you are going to get here from one night to the next,a multicultural mixed bag if you will!

    With live music, DJ's, drinks promo's and screens for the sporting events, Diceys really does have it all! The cheapest place in town for a good night out just pick your night and off you go. €50 will often do you for a rake load of booze, a burger and the cover charge. And, you will often still have change for the shared taxi home! They love to host a wide range of sporting events with football (soccer) often being the sport of choice. Now to be honest the screens are fairly useless with no HD and probably need an update but when the big projectors are down happy days.

    I was most recently there on "The Football Team night out" and as you would expect from a rowdy bunch of 20 somethings, it was a fantastic night with the lads. I myself know how hard it can be for a group of lads 15-20 strong to get in to a venue in Dublin on any given night especially when you refuse to leave a man behind. Over the years there are a few things I have learned which help make things so much easier for making a night like this a success and I will share them in another article closer to Christmas for all you rowdy rebels. For now lets have a look at Diceys and what it has to offer.

    With so many different levels and options available this place has to be the biggest club in Dublin. You have the beer garden itself out the back which is where a lot of the action happens. With big benches, a dance floor and plenty of places to rest your feet or perch a drink it really is ideal. There are also 2 bars out back and a small fast food kitchen and a few screens to watch the football.

    There are 2 clubs downstairs on either side of the beer Garden which will often be open on a busy night. A large function room is on the left of the beer garden which is perfect for big parties and functions and can be laid out as you wish. Upstairs on the balcony area you have the VIP type section where smaller parties usually book a little seating area to get out of the way and be able to hear themselves speak while still soaking up the atmosphere. And lads, if its booked out by the girls upstairs its a good idea to get yourself out in the middle of the beer garden downstairs, you're welcome :). I know what you're thinking you dirty bastards but I have often seen a young lady projectile vomit over the balcony so best off getting out of the way!!

    Now the actual VIP area you will find is above this again on the third floor. I have spent many a night up there over the years and it gives you a great view of the whole club. You will often meet a few B-listers up there and the odd high end after party is held here too. I would recommend this area for a booking if you want to hold a good company party or something like it. You can often get a bouncer to invite a few ladies up too if you are that inclined ;).

    Now the last time I was here I was on a night out with the Football team and, as any good night goes, there was plenty of drinks, plenty of banter and plenty of ridiculous dancing! Mid way through the night there seemed to be an unmistakable Latin feel going on, yes you guessed it, we were surrounded by the Latin American population of Dublin. As it happens Diceys has turned in to a kind of haven for them in recent years. Maybe its the cheap drinks, maybe its the music or maybe its that they get there very early, I don't know but walking in to Diceys these days you could be in a club in Brazil/Argentina/Spain/Portugal, you get the gist. Needless to say the feeling was picked up on by the lads, queue the single Irish lads chasing the Luscious Latin Ladies.

    One man in particular, and every football team has one, couldn't see his hand in front of his face but was attempting very valiantly to catch himself a lucky lady. The dance moves came out, or should I say the attempted dance moves. Imagine the Will Smith "shuffle" from the movie Hitch, mixed with the "slut drop" and crossed with some kind of "flossing" while "Flo Rida - Low" booms across the club. Lads, it was a majestic site to behold if ever I have seen one. Was he successful, yes and no, he successfully managed to give all of us ammo for life on him with the countless videos that were taken, but the lovely lady he was trying it on with didn't even bat an eye, in fact she went straight for one of the other lads instead. To this day our disgracefully drunk centre-mid will tell you he was playing wingman (could explain some of the moves) but we all know the truth of the matter and he gets grief about it every time there is even a sniff of a night out!

    Well any folks that's Diceys Garden summed up to the best of my ability. All it has to offer and what you are most likely to find there. Oh and if you see a preppy looking lad with D4 hair but is from Bray (if you can make out what he is saying that is) that is making violent body movements in a corner somewhere, please say hello so we can watch another epic fail! Lol!!

I'm hopping off! Later folks...


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