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Hey Everybody,

Here comes one of the most surprising reviews I have ever written!!

    Xico, a relatively new establishment on Baggot Street Lower, has seen some changes in clientele since it first opened its doors just a few short years ago. What I used to consider as a cool, fresh, hip location for after work drinks or to bring a date for some tapas, and hopefully "Tap Ass" later, has seen what I can only describe as a dramatic change in business and a rather off putting one in my opinion.

Let me explain just what I mean.

    Myself and some work buddies decided we would head over of a Friday as we have done on occasion since the doors opened, happy days here comes the pints says you. We arrived around 6pm and got a seat and some grub, I have to say I do enjoy the food. The tapas is second to none in Dublin as far as I'm concerned but and in fairness I have frequented many Mexican style Tequila Taverns in my days around Dublin. The place looked to be gearing up for a busy night, plenty of bar staff and the bouncers multiplied on the doors.

    Excitement was building as the place was filled up with what I would normally associate with Xico, the fantastic 10/10's strolling around, and my god were there plenty of them!! Needless to say now lads I was having a blast as the night went on....until this moment.

    As you do during the course of an evening, the little boys room was in need of a visit. If you know Xico you know that said little boys room is at the bottom of some steps which in turn is at the bottom of the main entrance stairwell. Now, as you can often expect on a night out a cubicle or two may be frequented by some lads with a serious case of the sniffles and each to their own in that regard but it's common enough you know yourselves. Well let me tell you what I witnessed coming up the stairs when the spuds had been strained.

    I walk out and at the top of the steps directly in front of me there is a booth full of ladies sitting on the top of the headrests with what can only be described as a young 20 year old "Scarface" sitting in the middle of them at the normal height of the seat, perfect eye level to see up every skirt there. I'm thinking to myself "Jaysus kid you are doing well for yourself". Suddenly he reaches over and one of the young ladies opens her legs, lads I'm telling you I was just about to cheer him on, and he pulls out a bag of the white stuff!!

    Amazed I'm thinking to myself "jesus you little bollix you have no fear" and I was right. This chap had balls of pure steel because he cracked open the bag and started to sort out a few lines one the table right in front of him in plain site with his ladies poised and ready to dive in. One for everyone in the audience if you will. Now usually there is a bouncer standing relatively close to that area when its busy and tonight was no different. "Here mate you may want to have a word with this lot" I says to him, because usually an establishment doesn't want to get the reputation as a drug ridden shithole but it seems that is not the case here.

    Instead of the usual reaction of a bouncer telling them to put it away or kicking them out, he has a look, turns to me and I am hauled out of the place under the accusation of being too drunk to stand. My arm twisted to the point its almost broken and a nice sore head from being walloped through the door on the way. Well I can tell you, after the extensive years of drinking, it takes a lot more then 4 pints to knock this Frog out and I have also learned that arguing gets you nowhere with a bouncer, if he's a prick he will stay a prick! Bearing in mind it was only 10.30pm and I had eaten on arrival too I was completely stunned by the reaction of the man.

    I shot the lads a message and they popped out and we headed across to Toners. Furious at this point I relayed the story to the lads who it seems had witnessed plenty of this going on during the course of the night, all in plain site, and not one staff member batted an eye to it or seemed to care in the slightest. And, it seems, this has been the case for a number of months now. The crowd has changed and discretion doesn't seem to be a skill these new patrons possess. 

    You can make your own assumptions of this place, as usual, I have given you an honest account. For me, when someone mentions Xico now all I can hear is my own rendition of a legendary tune:

"Snow is falling, all around us, dickheads snorting, all night long!!".....

Points to note:

The food is still brilliant and the cocktails are awesome

Get out before 8pm or run the risk of getting caught up in the inevitable drug raid that is sure to happen there one day!

Don't try and do the bouncers a favor, you may have your night cut short!



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