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Hello again,

    So lets dive right in, The Laughter Lounge Dublin located on Eden Quay right in the heart of the City, does exactly what it says on the tin. 

    With some of the best comedians to grace our shores on offer week in week out you are sure to find something you like or at least can heckle out of the place. Either way its guaranteed to be good banter in the right company.

Lets give you a run down of how your evening could go, as I have experienced in the past.

    You arrive around 7:25, if you grabbed a deal on Groupon and you get a free drink with your tickets before 7:30, already on to a winner. The free drinks usually consist of either a glass of wine or bottle of Sol.

    You take your seats and for the lads, careful now, nine times out of ten you wont be with a lady who likes to be taken the mickey of on a first date, if you are, MARRY HER you gobshite!!!! Settle in for the night and enjoy the show.

    Now the show doesn't start until around 8.30pm so plenty of time for small talk and finding out if you are on to a winner, chances are you wont be able to tell yet. Use the time wisely to check out the Menu and see if you both fancy some wings or something, they are tasty trust me. 

    The show will start with the MC etc etc and you will usually know what kind of night is to be had from the outset. After the first act you will know exactly the type of person you are with because even if they don't enjoy you they should always enjoy the show and if they don't enjoy either, well, I would recommend heading to the bar and peeling off out the door mid act but not before telling the MC who will be standing at the bar between acts that its their Birthday and roughly where they are sitting and to give them a good going over. I mean at least the evening wont be a complete waste for you. Seems mean but sure look, when you have been on as many Tinder dates as I have you come across a few downright rude people who genuinely deserve to have the proverbial stick forcefully removed from their ass!!

Genuinely though guys The Laughter Lounge truly is a gem of a spot for a date, a Birthday party, a Stag or Hen or a casual start to a night out with friends. Make sure to contact them and let them know of any "Targets" in the group and maybe reserve a prime front row seat. The finger food is good and you have the option of a nice slice of pizza at half time too, my fav!! 

Points to note:

Get in early to get settled

The drinks are a decent price

Head to the bathroom early because at half time its PACKED!

Always check for a deal on Groupon, insane value!

If the date doesn't laugh in the first 5 minutes, get out, get out NOW!!


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