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Hi guys,

    So recently I was privy to a night out in Dublin's Flannery's Bar on Camden St. As one of the City's famous late bars this iconic pub has been witness to some of the best craic that Dublin has to offer down through the years. With free admission and decent priced drinks its fairly easy to enjoy yourself here.

    This Saturday I was out with a few good friends, the music was good, the drinks were flowing and as they often say outside the Pale "The Craic was mighty boi"!!!

    We plonked ourselves outside in the back smoking area where all the action happens and boy was it happening.

    We bore witness to a Trans Lady known to me and is quite the looker (steady lads keep it clean) being fought over by a short not so well dressed bogger and what could only be described as a chiseled, sharply dressed Rugby-head. Neither of these lads seemed to be particularly worse for wear but boy did they want to get into her pants, or lack there of. As you can imagine the bets were placed on who would win out, I love an underdog and backed the little man. Even to my own astonishment, he managed to smack the lips and our chiseled god-like contender walked away cursing himself. I am telling you now I would pay to see the wee mans reaction the next morning.

    All that being said, the crowd here is usually quite mixed and what a mix it is. Known for "The Gaa Heads" who are up to watch a match or living in the big smoke, the "Poshies" chasing The GAA Heads or the regular Dublin folk who frequent, you will get a true reflection of the drunken Irish here.

    If you are visiting I would highly recommend it!! You can bear witness to some original, and often not so elegant, Drunken Irish dancing, have a lovely pint of Guinness or a Jameson to warm the blood and sit back and enjoy some real life people watching.

    Needless to say Flannery's is not a spot that will disappoint for the live entertainment no matter what, or who you encounter. A pleasant time had by all and no trouble in site. I'll be back and so will the crew!

A few bits to note though:

  • If you need to tinkle make sure and get there early, don't hold it, the bathrooms could do with an enlargement....and a mop!
  • The outside bars may seems the more appealing for a quick drink but there are far more staff indoors.....wrestle your way to the top!
  • Always treat the door staff with respect, they are some of the best in the business, gents! 
  • The chip van outside is not something I would frequent, head across the road to Babylon or venture up the road to Zaytoon for the best fresh Kebab in Ireland n my opinion!!!


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