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Right lads,

    As promised, the golden rules for any football team or large group night out to be a successful one. And believe me they do work if done right.

    Now, many of you reading will have faced the same difficulties over the years regarding access to various establishments and keeping your group together etc etc. Not least of which because you adopt the "No man is left behind" approach to the night which by all means is admirable but at the same time can be a hindrance. Yes lads there's always one and you know who you they are! Here are some of the hints, tips, cheats and challenges I have picked up and faced over my years of being a sociable Dublin Tadpole.

Rule Number 1: You gota eat!!!!

    How many of you instantly thought "eatings cheating" I'd say 90% if not more? Let me explain the reason behind this golden rule. Usually, this type of night out starts with an early gathering for the pre-drinks or just to make sure everyone is together and ready to go. This is when it gets dangerous because the notorious "light weights" love to blow their load before they even manage the taxi to town. A bit of grub, maybe a pizza, some hot finger food or even an actual sit down meal goes a hell of a long way to getting your 2 can Sam to go the distance of the night itself.

Rule Number 2: When its bright keep it light, when its dusk apply the musk and when its night who gives a shite!!

    This one pretty much speaks for itself but is easier to follow during the summer months. Stick to the cans early on and just sip away. Not only will you be getting the pre-drinks in but if you keep it to a can every 40 minutes or so it will build up a nice resistance for when you hit the club and go hell for leather on the shots!! This is obviously based on a nice early start to a night say between 5-7pm. Around 9 get prepped and apply the aftershave and don't forget the back of the neck, when hugging that's where they smell first ;). You're welcome!!

Rule Number 3: Experienced heads will always prevail!!

    What on earth does this mean? Very simple guys when you want the whole crew to get in the door, put the youngest with the oldest. Senior Football teams etc will especially know what I mean by this. Tell the bouncer its the team night out and, if they are sound which most will be, you will often get the couple of 19-21 year old's on the team (otherwise known as the pacey fuckers) into the chosen destination by using this method.

Rule Number 4: Bookings are best!!

    For nights like these, having a booking and arriving in time for it will often sway a bouncer who is 50/50 about a few of they dodgy looking drunkards in the group getting in. Also, with a booking comes an area or table which is a great reference point for the lads who go a wandering to head back to to rejoin the fray. Never a bad thing so get the lad who loves to organise things to do it. And never EVER pay a deposit on a booking because you have no clue where the group will end up so don't leave yourself out of pocket!!

Rule 5: Round and Round and Round they go.

    Now its all good buying a round for 1/2 mates down the pub but on a big night out such as this I would heavily advise against it. Stick to your own drinks, that way nobody gets shafted with paying for a load of drinks and not getting one back, also it is inevitable that 2 things will be a factor of your night. For one, not everyone sticks with the group all night so there will be rounds missed. And secondly, there is always either a stingy fecker or a poor unfortunate with you. Meaning that either they don't want to fork out or they simply cant afford to. Either way you are better off sticking to your own drinks and if the smaller rounds of shots present themselves by all means dive in.

    They are my top five frogging fantastic rules for making a big group night out a raging success!! Add to them as you please, but remember they have been tried and tested through the years of hopping around this little frog has done.


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